Online giving should be easy.

QuickGive has taken all of the heavy lifting out of online giving. With our simple and quick process, your church members can give securely to your church or ministry from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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How It Works

We’ve spent months testing and tweaking our giving process to make sure it’s as easy and quick as possible. One thing we know for sure, if someone doesn’t have a great experience in their first attempt to give to your church, they won't try it again.
Account Picture 1 Create an account on a computer, phone, or tablet
If someone has an email address they can setup an account in just a few seconds
Billing Picture 2 Enter your billing information and save it for future use
After you give the first time, you can simply enter an amount for future visits to make the process even quicker
Email Picture 3 The church & the user receive an email confirmation
When someone makes a donation to your church you will know immediately. You can setup as many email notifications as you want.

How Much Does It Cost?

It can be really frustrating to feel like you’re always being charged more than what you were originally told. It seems like every feature you would want costs extra. With QuickGive there are only 3 options, because everything is included for one price. There is a one time setup fee of $199, and a monthly plan based on your needs. We explain the charges below.
Giving Website Admin Website Mobile Giving Merchant Account Recurring Giving
Church Planter

In order to recieve donation made by credit card you must have a merchant account. Your merchant account is included in your monthly cost.

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Frequent Questions

After working with so many churches on web projects and online giving, we know there are some questions you may be asking yourself. We think we have answered them for you below, but if you can’t find an answer you are needing please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to have a merchant account?

Yes. A merchant account is the little engine behind all credit card transactions that take place. A merchant account not only verifies that transactions are legitimate but also handle depositing your money into your bank account after a donation is made. The great thing about signing up for a merchant account through QuickGive is after the account is set up you can do so much more than just take donations. You can use your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to take payments or sell products in your church. QuickGive will help you set all of this up.

Can I use Paypal?

No you cannot. While the benefit of using Paypal is that it's free, the downside of Paypal is all of the hassle for non-paypal-account holders, and the higher transaction fees you pay to offset the free service. Keep in mind that Paypal is owned by eBay, it was never intended to be a tool for non-profits to use for donations. The hassle that comes with trying to use Paypal for your church members can be very frustrating for your donors, and in the end will cost you donations.

Can I make my mobile page an app in the app store?

Unfortunately not. There are several reasons your mobile-giving site is not available in the app store, but the main reason is Apple does not allow apps that only take donations. In theory you could build a church app and take donations as a feature of the app, but you cannot have an app that only takes donations. Also Apple takes 30% of transactions that happen inside of an app, but The good news is that anyone with a smart phone can save your webpage to their home screen for easy and quick access each time they want to give.

What if no one gives, can I cancel the service?

When you sign up for QuickGive there are no contracts, however when we create your merchant account through MeritCard Services you do agree to a two year commitment with them. In other words, you can leave QuickGive any time you want, but you do have to fulfill a two year commitment to MeritCard. This means, in theory, you could not offer online giving, but still take credit cards either on your website or at your church. In our experience you will have great success with online giving. Many people in your church are ready to give digitally they are just waiting on you to provide the chance.

Can I see a demo of what it looks like?

Absolutely. While every site is branded to match the church you can see all of the ease and features that come with QuickGive. If you would like to experience a demo just click on the "Demo" button at the top of the page.


We would love for you take a test drive with QuickGive. If you would like to see a demo of everything QuickGive has to offer please send us an email requesting a demo.